A life is like a garden

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.

[Leonard Nimoy]

Your katra will continue to Live Long and Prosper in all the consciences and dreams of those of us who you inspired. 🖖


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Papers of 2014

This year, like any other, I had some papers accepted, some rejected, and some continued to be work in progress. Here is a summary:

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On license compliance

Today I am participating in a workshop organized by Matt Germonprez. The title of my presentation is:

On the provenance of Free and Open Source Software and the legal implications of its reuse

It is mostly based on this paper A Method for Open Source License Compliance of Java Applications, IEEE Software May-June 2012 (vol. 29 no. 3) (email me if you can’t get a copy).

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How to minimize what you pay for mobile Internet

Updated: Telus has changed their pricing, making it one of the most attractive options

Mobile internet is expensive in Canada. In fact, mobile telephone services are very expensive in Canada.

I do enjoy having a smart phone with Internet access, but I dislike paying for the phone part. What I want is to pay only for data.

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All NSERC discovery awards in Computer Science in the last 5 years

This is the list of all awardees in Computer Science in the Computer Science Group since 2010 plus the awards in 2009 under the old classification.

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Camille’s, the best of 38 coffee places and restaurants in Victoria in on Month

Once in a while I feel a bit tired of the places where I eat lunch, then I have the urge to try new ones (and the ones I haven’t visited for sometime).

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Lesson from Vincent Laforet: Patience

Many photographers have influenced my work, but few like Vincent Laforet. I love his aerial photographs of New York from the first moment I saw them, and when I saw his photo of the US Open I decided I wanted to learn how to do it.

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Recursively listing directories in elisp

I was looking for a function that recursively scanned directories, and could not find one. So I wrote my own. Maybe somebody else will find it useful.

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NSERC Discovery Grants 2013 in Computer Science

The results of the NSERC Discovery Grants for 2013 have been published.

The full list of results can be found here. As it is becoming a tradition (results of 2011, 2012), here is my analysis of this year’s results.

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What does an IMDB rating of a movie mean?

The last few years I have found less and less interesting movies to watch. Maybe I am just getting old ;)

One simple, but effective way I have used in the past to determine if a movie is worth watching is to use its IMDB rating. Except for few comedies (e.g. Monty Python) I have always enjoyed any movie in the IMDB TOP 250.

But what is a good ranking? Let us try to answer that question…

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